ClickUp - Low-Tech Launch Project Template
ClickUp - Low-Tech Launch Project Template
ClickUp - Low-Tech Launch Project Template
ClickUp - Low-Tech Launch Project Template

ClickUp - Low-Tech Launch Project Template

Test the waters on your new offer with the Low-Tech, “Lazy” Launch Project Plan. If you want to keep this launch simple by selling in your DMs through personal invites or 1:1 emails, this proven plan is for you!

Simplify Your Launch Process with the Low-Tech Launch Project Plan 

Launches don’t have to be massive and complicated.

Sometimes, you just need to dip a toe in and see if your audience is really ready for the new magic you’re gearing up to share. And this is where lazy, low-tech launches SHINE!

This project plan is perfect for business owners with a small list (or no list!) planning to sell their magical, new offer in their DMs through personal invites or 1:1 emails. 

With this expertly-crafted plan in place, you’re free to 

  • Focus on perfecting your offer 
  • Serving the heck out of the people opting in
  • Rest easy knowing everything on the backend is accounted for in simple organized task lists

...Because yes, even lazy, low-tech launches need a plan to operate smoothly. (After all, you’re not testing the waters on everything here!)

PLUS, your plan comes with a Low-Tech Launch Training Overview. Walk through every step of your launch from A-Z. And hear directly from a launch expert what needs to happen and WHY!

ADDITIONALLY, you do not have to be tech-savvy to get this launch project plan up and running in your ClickUp account! We’ve included an easy-to-follow video & guide for adding the plan to your project management tool of choice.  

We’re keeping the tech requirements low on all fronts for this launch!

Grab Your Low-Tech Launch Project Plan now and get your shiny new offer into people’s hands ASAP!

Run a simple Google Doc-based launch knowing everything you need is outlined for you. With these launch-wizard-approved task lists in your ClickUp, you're covered!

Focus your precious time on providing transformations for your people. And STOP worrying over the possible missed details that could end up costing you BIG.

This Product Includes

  • A Project Template with expertly crafted & organized lists detailing everything you need to do for your launch.
  • Easy-to-follow video & guide for adding the project plan to your ClickUp account (no tech knowledge necessary!)
  • A video training from a launch expert that gives you the inside scoop on everything that needs to happen during your launch and WHY.
  • Labeled tasks within the Project Template make it easy to delegate to your team members and specialists.
  • Project tasks grouped by similar tasks can quickly be completed together.
  • Clear directions for your task with breadcrumbs built into the sub-task names allow you to not miss a step in the process.
  • PLUS access to all future updates of the template.


  • Funnel Map specific to the type of launch you are doing.
  • Sample Production Calendar to give you an example of how your project looks in action.
  • Team Delegation Quick Reference Sheet so you can easily know who’s doing what at a glance.
Who is this launch project plan for?
Coaches, creatives, and consultants who are launching their next offer.

Do I have to be tech-savvy to set up this template in my ClickUp?
Not at all! Our tech wizards have created a simple video and guide to walk you through uploading and using your project plan step-by-step. We know you can do this!

This is my first launch. Will this project plan work for me?
Yep! In fact, congratulations on going into your first launch so well-prepared! You’ve reached a milestone it takes many business owners a lot of launches to achieve. Dare I say it… you may even sleep at night while your cart is open because you will know everything you need was done.

This is NOT my first launch. Will this project plan work for me?
Absolutely. Just be prepared to wonder why you didn’t snag your magical launch project plan sooner! We know this launch will be so much more thorough and less stressful than any of your previous launches.

Do I have to handle everything in the launch project plan, or is it easy to share with my team?
You do NOT have to do this on your own! We purposefully built these plans with teams in mind. Tasks are already tagged for the person or specialist you may be delegating them to. 

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