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What is your project management tool of choice?

Each launch project plan comes in four different styles and is expertly crafted for easy installation in either your Asana, ClickUp, Notion, or Trello account.

Our Expert Launch Project Plans allow you to conjure your best launch ever, and here’s why...

  • No stone will be left unturned. Using these proven project plans, everything you could possibly need to do during your launch will be outlined. These plans go WAY beyond any launch checklist or template you’ve ever used before.

  • Your team will be in the know. These launch project plans allow you to assign specific launch tasks to the team members who need to do them. They also allow your team to have a bigger understanding of everything going into your launch and when it needs to be done.

  • The plans will magically appear in your project management platform. Okay, so you have to upload them. But after we show you how to quickly & painlessly add these launch plans to your Asana, ClickUp, Notion or Trello account, it will seem like magic just happened before your eyes!

  • You can kiss launch overwhelm goodbye! It’s no big secret that launches are stressful and can drain even the most effective business owners and their teams. But with these launch project plans, this launch will be the most ease-filled and successful one you’ve ever experienced!

  • These project plans are PROVEN. Each of our super-detailed launch project plans has been tried and tested by our expert launch team, and we know they work. Our clients know it, too! Trust us, these plans are what some of the biggest names in the industry are using behind the scenes for their highly successful and profitable launches.

What type of project are you creating?

Here’s a peek at the types of enchanting project plans that can best support you.