Application Funnel

Build Out Your Funnel Without Needing to Breathe Into a Paper Bag

Take a deep inhale and put the bag DOWN. You CAN do this, and we can help.

Yes, many moving pieces go into creating a well-thought-out funnel that successfully brings people into your business and grows your audience. And yes, navigating all these pieces alone can make you feel like your head is spinning and your throat is closing.

But NO, you do NOT have to figure this out by yourself!

Not When You’ve Got the Application Funnel Project Plan

If you’re ready to draw more of the right people into your business through a smooth and effective application process, this plan has your name all over it!

From setting up your application tech to ensuring you’re sending timely follow-up emails, this project plan walks you through building a funnel step-by-step, so you can...

  • Attract more qualified leads
  • Get valuable contact information from people landing on your website
  • Move people from curious prospects to invested clients

PLUS, your plan comes with an Application Funnel Training Overview. Walk through every step of your funnel from A-Z. And hear directly from a launch expert what needs to happen and WHY!

ADDITIONALLY, you do not have to be tech-savvy to get this launch project plan up and running in your Asana, ClickUp, or Trello account! We’ve included an easy-to-follow video & guide for adding the plan to your project management tool of choice. (We’re NOT bringing that paper bag back for tech troubles now.)

Get Your Application Funnel Project Plan today and start that funnel build without the panic and overwhelm!